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Saturday, October 3, 2009

study type hotel Berlier Industrial Hotel

Case study type: Hotel
Study no: 01
Also related to type: Commercial

Name of the project: Berlier Industrial Hotel
Architect: Dominique Perrault
Location: 26-34, rue Bruneseau,Paris, France
Date: 1985-90

Client: S.A.G.I.
Price: 11 000 000 Euro   
Project: 1987
Completion: 1990   
Built up area: 21000 m²
Construction system:
Context: Urban

Compiled texts from internet:

In 1985, the city of Paris and the Société Anonyme de Gestion Immobilière hold a competition for the construction of the Berlier industrial hotel. It is located on a plot of land between the highway interchange of the eastern section of the Paris beltway, the embankment roadway of the quai d’Ivry running along the Seine and the vast web of railway tracks leading to the Austerlitz train station. The program specifications leave the nature of future tenants’ activities wide open.

Dominique Perrault’s designs an open plan floors and tight bundling of electrical systems, organized around the two central blocks containing the stairwells, technical and elevator shafts and lavatories. Perrault’s architectural innovation is most apparent in the role he gives to the curtain facade. Its technically organization manages the building’s ventilation and filters light. Visually, its “sensitive skin” resembles a glass block scattering variegated light onto its surroundings.

It does, both through the corporality of its glass envelope and the broad diversity of businesses it welcomes since opening. Since 2007, Dominique Perrault’s headquarter is located there. The Berlier industrial hotel is a lively and bustling mixed-use building.

© Georges Fessy /DPA/ADAGP © Michel Denancé/DPA/ADAGP
© Vincent Fillon/ unregard.net

from http://www.archiweb.cz/buildings.php?action=show&id=22&lang=en (translated)

In 1986 the city of Paris organized a competition for the installation of "that little highway rest of the country between ring tied round the central Paris (boulevard périphérique), and a huge boulevard Masséna rail nearby Gare d'Austerlitz."

The program was not clearly specified, but should be a new type of buildings, which in itself could absorb various minor operations normally scattered in the single-storey buildings on the outskirts of cities around the world.

The winning design Dominique Perrault, glass brick equipped with all modern conveniences of today's world is a kind of precursor dreams MVRDV a compact periphery. The contract as if it were tailor Perrault directly to peace. Repeatedly mentioned in interviews that the most beautiful street in the world does not Champs-Elysees, but just périphérique on the circuit, there have been any experiments of French architecture of the 20th century - Parc des Princes stadium, starting, ending at the park la Villette. Based on the lessons about the power of the Roman buildings of simple geometric shapes contained in the key Corbusier's book Vers une architecture (which was published by Peter Rezek after more than 80 years, finally, in Czech) Perrault suggested his "cube of butter in the middle of a pot full of spaghetti," as he likes says.

After four years in 1990 and finished her first DP implementation of the Paris core and penultimate floors of the 10-storey building immediately moved his office, which still operates there (next year, but expect it to move to 11 arrondismentu). The building itself is extremely simple and it is difficult to describe what is its distinctive charm. It is a primitive concrete skeleton, sheathed with glass panels across the facade. Dimensionally the same system used by the agency on Perrault's building of its most famous - BNF (French National Library). It is located near the hotel Berlier Perrault and he could watch her entire building from the windows of his office. Open, and to a slightly elliptical reinforced concrete columns (!) Shape - which I just reminded facade columns jedenadvacítky Zlín, unobstructed space on each floor measuring approximately 70x25 meters in the first and third quarter passing reinforcing stairway and elevator shaft. Its presence is manifested in the outside pipe is only the absence of air conditioning, which otherwise accompanies the floor and ceiling of each floor and moving the elevators with large round holes that allow spectacular views of the incredible traffic flows in the vicinity (eg 250 000 cars a day périphérique).

Most characteristic feature of the whole building is probably an internal horizontal sun screens (5 rows in each deck) zprohýbaných steel plate, dimenzovaných to carry considerable weight. These sun screens - living proof of Murphy's Law that any free time, the horizontal surface vertically completely full, thanks to individual tenants turned into police carrying a variety range of things. But this only increased their ability to prevent the sun's rays into the deep interior and the additional roller blind fabrics are drawn only a small part of the building.

When bedlivějším observation can reveal the architect's intervention to dedicate this building from the category of Architecture Degree Zero (known as the architecture of Rem Koolhaas' typical plan "). Ground floor and above the last floor have a greater ground clearance than the other floors (as it may negatively affect the reverse effect of the facade is well seen on the Czech Radio building in Prague Balbínovo street from the ADNS). Likewise, corner glass panels are slightly wider than the rest.

It is almost unbelievable how different it may work in one building, depending on the diversity of atmospheric conditions (see attached photo). From full transparency to total opacity.
After 15 years of completion of the Hotel Berlier shows only slight traces of aging. I extremely massive steel sun screens in some places could not stand them pending Contributed particularly extreme tenants and a broken glass panel at the entrance has been replaced by a plywood board. Otherwise remains, in my opinion, the best of Perrault, intact.


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